Research Staffs

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Masaoki Takagi Island Biology, Avian Ecology mtakagi*
HORIGUCHI Takeo Systematics of protists and algae, with special reference to dinoflagellates. horig*
MASUDA Ryuichi Molecular Evolution and Population Genetics of Mammals and Birds masudary*
Kogame, Kazuhiro Phylogeny and taxonomy of seaweeds kogame*
KAJIHARA Hiroshi Invertebrate Systematics kajihara*
FORTUNATO, Helena Biodiversity, evolution and conservation of macro-benthic shallow water communities helenaf*
KATOH Toru Molecular phylogeny, Population genetics t_katoh*
KAKUI Keiichi Invertebrate systematics; tanaidacean biology kakui*
ABE Tsuyoshi Taxonomy of Benthic Marine Algae tabe*
NISHITA Yoshinori Molecular Evolution of Mammals lgd-seq-bkg*
Kevin Wakeman Marine apicomplexan and dinoflagellate (alveolate) diversity and evolution wakeman.k*
NISHIDA Chizuko Molecular cytogenetics of Aves nishida*
YAMAGUCHI Junji Plant Biology and Agricultural Sciences jjyama*
KATO Atsushi Molecular Genetics in Plants atsushi*
FUJITA Tomomichi Evolutionary and Developmental Biology in Plants tfujita*
Teh Ooi Kock Plant Cell Biology, Vesicular trafficking, developmental biology okteh*
TAKADA Yasuhiro Environmental Adaptation of Bacteria ytaka*
WATAHIKI Masaaki Plant physiology watahiki*
ITO Hidetaka Plant Genetics hito*
CHIBA Yukako Plant Molecular Biology yukako*
SATO Takeo Plant science t-satou*
MATSUSHIMA Toshiya Ethology and Cognitive Neuroscience matusima*
Nina Patzke Evolution of the mammalian brain nina.patzke*
MIZUNAMI Makoto Revealing Adaptive Design of Insect “Microbrains” mizunami*
TANAKA Nobuaki Neurobiology nktanaka*
OGAWA Hiroto Behavioral Neurobiology, System Neuroscience hogawa*
WADA Kazuhiro Molecular Neuroethology, Behavioral Neuroscience wada*
SOMA Masayo Behavioral ecology, Ethology, Comparative cognitive science masayo.soma*
Yoshiyuki Deguchi Animal Genetics ydeguchi*
YAMASHITA Masakane Reproductive and Developmental Biology in Animals myama*
KATSU Yoshinao Comparative Endocrinology ykatsu*
Asato KUROIWA Molecular cytogenetics and gonadogenesis asatok*
MIZUSHIMA Shusei Avian Reproductive Biology smizus*
KIMURA Atsushi Genome Biology, Reproductive Biology akimura*
KOTANI Tomoya Molecular and Developmental Biology tkotani*
OGIWARA Katsueki Reproductive Biology kogi*
YOSHIDA Ikuya Cytogenetics ikuya*
OHARA Masashi Life History Evolution in Wild Plants ohara*
SUZUKI Hitoshi Phylogeny and phylogeography of Mammals htsuzuki*
YOSHIDA Kiyohito Molecular Genetics majin*
MORIKAWA Masaaki Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology morikawa*
YAMAZAKI Ken-ichi Synthetic Biology ymzk*
MIWA Kyoko Plant molecular genetics, Environmental science miwakyoko*
KOSHIKAWA Shigeyuki Evolutionary developmental biology koshi*
WASHIO Kenji Seed biology of higher plants
Molecular signaling of plant hormones
Biosynthesis of marine halogenated products
MOTOMURA Taizo Cell Biology of Algae motomura*
NAGASATO Chikako Cell Biology in Algae nagasato*
YOTSUKURA Norishige Marine Botany yotsukur*
NAKAOKA Masahiro Marine Ecology nakaoka*
ISADA Tomonori Biological oceanography t-isada*