School of Science, Showa-era

Diversification and deepening of the natural sciences has been accelerating in the 21st century. Studies are producing new interdisciplinary fields as well as creating varieties of advanced technologies.
In addition, in the era of globalization and mega-competition of "knowledge" vs. "knowledge", it is urgent to reinforce the foundations of both basic and applied scientific research and to strengthen personnel training to foster researchers who lead the Advanced Science and Research so it becomes more important scientifically and socially.

The Faculty of Science was established with the purpose of fundamental study of natural sciences and utilizes practical applied research to improve social life with the research results. The faculty conducts world-class research in mathematics and natural sciences, and also fosters excellent young researchers. The Faculty of Science consists of five departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Sciences, and Biological Sciences.

The Faculty also includes three institutes (the Institute of Seismology and Volcanology; the Genome Dynamics Research Center; the Nuclear Reaction Data Center) and cooperates closely in research and educational activities with the Faculty of Advanced Life Science, the Institute of Low Temperature Science, and the Research Institute for Electronic Science and Institute for Catalysis.


Graduate School of Science is reorganized into "Graduate School of Science” and "Faculty of Science" in 2006. The previous five divisions (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Earth Sciences) changed into five departments (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, and Natural History Sciences.). Most faculty members provide education in Graduate School of Science and partially in Graduate School of Life Science.

April, 2010, to response to accelerate of the diversification and deepening of the natural sciences’ development in the 21st century, while the faculty of science provides further enhancement of education on basic research and study, the graduate school of science cooperates with other schools to develop and provide more professional education. Specifically the faculty of science accepts teachers from the department of Chemistry and the Biological Sciences in faculty of Advanced Life Science. Also the faculty members of department of Biological Sciences moved to the Faculty of Advance Life Science. This change separated from educational part and the research part, the faculty of science is now an educational organization and its corroborates with Graduate School of Life science and Graduate school of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, which was established in the same year.

Attached facilities are the Institute of Seismology and Volcanology, which was moved from Graduate School of Science, the Genome Dynamics Research Center, which moved from the creative research institution was established in October, 2010 and Nuclear Reaction Data Centre that was used to be intra-university research facilities was added in May, 2011.

Year Content

-Graduate School of Science is reorganized into “Graduate School of Science” and “Faculty of Science”.

-Faculty of Science consists of five Departments: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Natural History Sciences and Biological Sciences.

-Graduate School of Science includes six departments: Mathematics, Chemistry, Quantum and Condensed-Matter Physics, Cosmo sciences, Natural History Sciences, and Biological Sciences.

-All cooperative divisions are closed with the reorganization, making instructors from other schools/institutes academic members of the key divisions.

-Divisions of Earth and Planetary Materials Science and Geophysics are combined as Division of Earth Science.

-Institute of Seismology and Volcanology belongs to Faculty of Science.

-Collaborative Division of Basic Industrial Biological Science (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in Department of Biological Sciences of former Graduate School changes to a collaborative field in Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School.

-Endowed divisions of Glyco-Fine Chemistry, Computational Molecular Biological Science and Molecular Bionomy (Shionogi) in Department of Biological Science of former Graduate School are moved to newly-established Faculty of Advanced Life Science.


-Nuclear Reaction Data Centre is established in Faculty of Science.

-Collaborative Field of Nuclear Data (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) is established in Department of Cosmo sciences, Graduate School of Science.

-Network Center for Molecular and System Life Sciences is established in Faculty of Science.

-Observation and Data Centre for Cosmo sciences is established in Faculty of Science.


-Collaborative field of Advanced Functional Material Chemistry (National Institute for Materials Science) is established in Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science.

-Genome Dynamics Research Center is established in Faculty of Science.

-Center for Strategic Utilization of Elements is established in Faculty of Science.


-Collaborative field of Advanced Functional Materials and Physics (National Institute for Material Science, Japan) is established in Department of Quantum and Condensed-Matter Physics, Graduate School of Science.

-Collaborative field of Spacecraft Observation (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) is established in Department of Cosmo sciences, Graduate School of Science.


-Department of Life Science(Trans disciplinary Life Science Course)renamed to Department of Biological Sciences.

-Department of Chemistry in Graduate School moves to newly-established Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering.

-Department of Biological Sciences in Graduate School moves to Graduate School of Life Science.

-Department of Quantum and Condensed-Matter Physics in Graduate School is renamed Condensed Matter Physics.


-Department of Earth Sciences is renamed Earth and Planetary Sciences.

-Nuclear Reaction Data Center is established in Faculty of Science.


-Office for International Academic Support is established in Faculty of Science.


-Department of Natural History Sciences renamed to Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

-Energy-dispersive, Wavelength-dispersive, X-ray fluorescence Analytical Laboratory renamed to Earth and Planetary Solid Material Analytical Laboratory.