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Application Forms


Application Forms and Information Concerning General and Personnel Affairs.(Rigaku joho system ID and password required.)

User guides for the University systems

Manuals for various systems (English translation version)

For New Faculty Members

How to log into the SSO System with a hybrid card

How to check your online payment slip

SSO System User Guide

How to update a syllabus

Grading System User Guide

Grading System User Guide (International Subject)

How to register with Rigaku Joho System

How to connect to the wireless network

How to sign up for ELMS (Education and Learning Management System)

Shuttle bus service

Outlines of the Corporate Card

Details of the Corporate Card

Hokkaido University Translations

University’s official documents are provided by Hokkaido University.

Message Board/BBS “From OIAS”

On the BBS “From OIAS,” we post English translated administrative information and information about seminars and events presented in English. Teachers and staff those have IDs for “Science Information System (Rigaku Joho System)” can access the BBS. We can send email notification when we update the information. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the notification, please access to the website of the OIAS.


FAQ for International staff and researchers.

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