Sci-tech talk

OIAS organize “Sci-teck talk in English event” as a part of internationalization activities of the Faculty of Science and intended for non-specialists. All talk and discussion will be conducted in ENGLISH.
We welcome all students, faculty members and others who are interested in science.

Past Sci-tech talk

#01.The Scientific Drilling Vessel CHIKYU-Challenges to Unravel the Mystery of Great Earthquake Dr.Sunny Saito, JAMSTEC
#02.”Baby Galaxies: The First Steps toward the Milky Way” Dr.John Wise, Assistant Professor of Physics at The Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
#03.The Role of IAEA in Open Access to Nuclear Data Dr.Naohiko Otsuka, Nuclear Data Physicist at International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA)
#04.The mighty stingray vs. the clever shrimp: 16 million year old trace fossils tell their stories! Dr. Ludvig Lowenmark, Associate Professor, National Taiwan University
#04.How did the monsoon influence human societies across Asia in the past? Examples from the geological record. Dr. Stephan Steinke, Senior Researcher, University of Bremen, Germany
#05.Ocean Acidification Dr. Helena Fortunato, Faculty of Science
#06.Biodiversity in the fisheries off the south coast of Portugal Dr.Teresa Cerveira Borges, Associate Professor at Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Algarve University, Portugal
#07.From molecular clouds to life: water’s remarkable journey. Dr.Ralph Pudritz, Professor at McMaster University, Canada
#08.Why Study Asteroids: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Sample Return Mission from Asteroid 101955 Bennu. Dr.Harold C. Connolly Jr.(Professor, Hokkaido University and City University of New York, USA)
#09.”Chemical Substances in New Technologies: Are We Safe?” Dr. Isabel Cavaco (Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Algarve, Portugal)
#10.”The Active Learning Catalyst Project and its Impacts” Prof. Jill Leonard (Biology Department, Center for Teaching and Learning, North Michigan University)
#11.”Welcome to Pluto” Dr. Elizabeth Tasker, Faculty of Science
#12.”Astronomy in ancient Egypt” Dr. Sarah Symons (McMaster U/U of Tokyo)
#13.”NASA’s Mission to Europa, a Potentially Habitable Ocean World”Dr. Steve Vance (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA at CalTech, USA)
#14.”Vital Signs: Seismology of Europa and Other Ocean Worlds” Dr. Steve Vance (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA at CalTech, USA)
#15.”The Shape of Our Galaxy” Dr. ALEX PETTITT, Assistant Professor, Institute for International Collaboration
#16.”Earthquakes and geothermal resources related to New Zealand’ Alpine Fault” Dr. Virginia Toy, Senior Lecturer, Department of Geology, University of Otago

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