Intensive Class

Graduate School of Science



Department of Mathematics

Updated: Sep. 17

–  “Introduction to periodic homogenization and its applications to diffusion equations Ⅰ” (Hirotoshi Kuroda), Oct. 3, 8, 10, 15, 21, 24, 29, and 31

– “Information theory and portfolio theory” (Stefano Marmi & Giulia Livieri), Oct. 7 – 11

Department of Condensed Matter Physics

Updated: July 18

– Superconductivity “Quantum information technology” (Ihara & Kubo), Sep. 17 – 20

Department of Cosmosciences


Department of Natural History Sciences

Updated: Sep. 18

Special Lecture on Natural History Science I “Introduction to planetary geodesy” (Koji Matsumoto), Sep. 25 & 26
*Please note that the lecture room has been changed to 5-301.

– Special Lecture on Natural History Science III “Overview of Evolutionary Biology: Bridge a Gap between Micro- and Macro-Evolution” (Kei Matsubayashi, Kyushu University), Feb. 20 & 21


Graduate School of Life Science



Division of Life Science

Updated: July 16

Biosystems Science Course


Transdisciplinary Life Science Course


Division of Soft Matter


Division of Clinical Pharmacy


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