Intensive Class

Graduate School of Science



Department of Mathematics

Updated: Dec. 3

Special Lecture on Geometry “Spectral Geometry of the Laplacian A・B” (Hajime Urakawa, Tohoku University), Dec. 10 – 14
Special lecture on Analytic studies “Introduction to Spectral Theory in Mathematical Science” (Hiroaki Niikuni, Maebashi Institute of Technology), Jan. 22 – 24

Department of Condensed Matter Physics

Updated: Nov. 19

Complex Matter Physics “Physics of Glass and Super-cooled Liquid” (Osamu Yamamuro), Nov. 28 – 30

Electronic Properties of Solids / Special Lectures for Modern Physics “Muon Science for the Condensed Matter Physics” (Isao Watanabe), Dec. 18 – 20

Department of Cosmosciences

Updated: Nov. 27

Special Lecture of Cosmosciences 1 “Observations from space”, Special Lecture of Cosmosciences 2 “Sciences from space” (Kiyoshi Kuramoto), Dec. 4 – Jan. 22

Department of Natural History Sciences

Updated: Oct. 25

Special Lecture on Natural History Science I “Simulation of Earthquake Generation cycle” (Yuichiro Tanioka), Nov. 29 – 30

Special Lecture on Natural History Science II “Material Science of Volcanic Eruption” (Satoshi Okumura, Tohoku University), Jan. 15 – 17

Special Lecture on National History Science Ⅳ “Science-Technology-Society and Education (1)(2)” (Etsuji Yamaguchi, Kobe University),
(1) Dec. 25 – 26, (2) Dec. 26 – 27


Graduate School of Life Science



Division of Life Science


Division of Soft Matter

Updated: Oct. 10

Soft Matter Design “informatics” (Demura & Nakaoka), Jan. 7 – 9

Division of Clinical Pharmacy


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