For students in the Graduate School of Life Science

Registration period for Fall & Winter term

Friday, October 6 – Friday, October 13, 2017.

-Master’s Course Students→ Register on the website(ELMS ID and password required.)

-Doctoral Course Students→ Register by submitting the application form (hard copy).

[Documents related to registration]
*Correspondence table for students who enrolled in or before FY 2015

Registration Instructions – FOR MASTER’S STUDENTS

Registration Instructions – FOR DOCTORAL STUDENTS

List of Compulsory Subjects for Second-year Students in the Master’s Course

Permission Request for Registration

※Doctoral Students are not required to register for subjects related to their doctoral dissertation.
※An ID and password necessary for registering online will be distributed to students new to Hokkaido University from Monday, April 10 at the Graduate School Educational Affairs Section, Science and Life Science Administration Department. If you are a student in the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science Course, you can receive them from the Academic Affairs Section in the Administration Office of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy.

Confirmation period

Thursday, October 26 – Friday, October 27, 2017.

If you wish to cancel the registration for some classes, please do so during the above period.

Course Syllabi

Please search for classes from Hokkaido University Syllabus Search

Syllabus search

Class Schedule 2017

Life Science / PDF [New] Updated September 11
Clinical Pharmacy / PDF [New] Updated September 11
Inter-Graduate School Classes (Japanese Only)

Educational Curriculum

Life Science / PDF[New] Updated March 31
Clinical Pharmacy / PDF [New] Updated March 31
NOTE: This is exclusively for those who newly admitted in FY 2017; students admitted before that should refer to the curriculum which was issued in the fiscal year they admitted.

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