Research Project

A research into understanding the molecular mechanisms  that enable plants to adapt to multiple environmental stresses.

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The researches currently being done are shown below.

How do nutrients regulate the plant growth?

Clarification of molecular basis regulating carbon and nitrogen signal integration (C/N balance)

  • Ubiquitin ligase ATL31 and multifunctional factor 14-3-3 proteins
  • Growth regulation of plants under elevated CO2 environments
  • Growth phase transition in response to C/N-nutrient availability

How do living orgasms protect themselves from pathogens?

Plant immunity

  • Membrane traffic regulation via SNARE and ATL31 network
  • Function of receptor-like kinase
  • Crosstalk between nutrient availability and defense response

What are the functions of ubiquitin-proteasome system in plants?

Environmental adaptation/growth regulation through Ubiquitin-Proteasome System

  • Plant specific membrane-localized ubiquitin-ligase ATL family
  • Proteasome functions