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Carbon and nitrogen nutrient signal transduction

Plant defense response to pathogen attack

Plant Proteome  Study -Interactome and Ubiquin-Proteasome system-








  • ABI1 regulates carbon/nitrogen-nutrient signal transduction independent of ABA biosynthesis and canonical ABA signaling pathways in Arabidopsis.
    Lu Y, Sasaki Y, Li X, Mori C. Izumi, Matsuura T, Hirayama T, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    J. Exp. Bot. (in press)
  • Pale-green phenotype of atl31 atl6 double mutant leaves is caused by disruption of 5-aminolevulinic acid biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Maekawa S, Takabayashi A, Huarancca Reyes T, Yamamoto H, Tanaka A, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    PLoS ONE 23;10(2): e0117662, 2015
  • The Arabidopsis ubiquitin ligase ATL31 is transcriptionally controlled by WRKY33 transcription factor in response to pathogen attack.
    Huarancca Reyes T, Maekawa S, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Biotechnol. (in press)


  • Ubiquitin ligase ATL31 functions in leaf senescence in response to the balance between atmospheric CO2 and nitrogen availability in Arabidopsis.
    Aoyama S, Huarancca Reyes T, Guglielminetti L, Yu L, Morita Y, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Cell Physiol. 55: 293-305, 2014
  • Regulation of senescence under elevated atmospheric CO2 via ubiquitin modification.
    Aoyama S, Lu Y, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Signaling & Behavior e28839, 2014
  • The C/N regulator ATL31 controls papilla formation in response to powdery mildew fungi penetration by interacting with SNARE SYP121 in Arabidopsis.
    Maekawa S, Inada N, Yasuda S, Fukao Y, Fujiwara M, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Physiol. 164: 879-887, 2014
  • Phosphorylation of Arabidopsis ubiquitin ligase ATL31 is critical for plant C/N-nutrient response under control of 14-3-3 stability.
    Yasuda S, Sato T, Maekawa S, Aoyama S, Fukao Y, Yamaguchi J (2013)
    J. Biol. Chem. 289: 15179-15193, 2014


  • Proteomics analysis reveals a highly heterogenous proteasome composition and the post-translational regulation of peptidase activity under pathogen signaling in plants.
    Sun HH, Fukao Y, Ishida S, Yamamoto H, Maekawa S, Fujiwara M, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    J. Proteome Res. 12: 5084-5095, 2013
  • Assay for proteasome-dependent protein degradation and ubiquitinated proteins.
    Sato, T., Sako, K. and Yamaguchi J.
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  • Changes in mRNA stability associated with cold stress in Arabidopsis cells.
    Chiba Y, Mineta K, Hirai MY, Suzuki S, Kanaya S, Takahashi H, Onouchi H, Yamaguchi J, Naito S
    Plant Cell Physiol. 54: 180-194, 2013
  • Arabidopsis transcriptional repressor ERF9 participates in resistance against necrotrophic fungi.
    Maruyama Y, Yamoto N, Suzuki Y, Chiba Y, Yamazaki K, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Sci. 213: 79-87, 2013


  • Arabidopsis RPT2a, 19S proteasome subunit, regulates gene silencing via DNA methylation.
    Sako K, Maki Y, Kanai T, Kato E, Maekawa S, Yasuda S, Sato T, Watahiki MK, Yamaguchi J
    PLoS ONE 7(5): e37086, 2012
  • The Arabidopsis ubiquitin ligases ATL31 and ATL6 control the defense response as well as the carbon/nitrogen response.
    Maekawa S, Sato T, Asada Y, Yasuda S, Yoshida M, Chiba Y, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Mol. Biol. 79: 217-227, 2012
  • Sugar-inducible RPT2a, a subunit of 26S proteasome, participates in sugar response in Arabidopsis.
    Sun H, Sako K, Suzuki Y, Maekawa S, Yasuda S, Chiba Y, Sato T and Yamaguchi J
    Plant Biotechnol. 29: 279-284, 2012
  • Proteomics approach to study metabolic regulation mediated by ubiquitin-proteasome system in Arabidopsis.
    Yasuda S, Maekawa S, Sato T, Yamaguchi J
    Frontiers in Agriculture Proteome Research, 39-44, 2012


  • Identification of 14-3-3 proteins as a target of ATL31 ubiquitin ligase, a regulator of the C/N response in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Sato T, Maekawa S, Yasuda S, Domeki Y, Sueyoshi K, Fujiwara M, Fukao Y, Goto DB, Yamaguchi J
    Plant J. 68: 137-146, 2011
  • Carbon and nitrogen metabolism regulated by ubiquitin-proteasome system.
    Sato T, Maekawa S, Yasuda S, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Signaling & Behavior 6: 1465-1468, 2011
  • The Arabidopsis NSL2 negatively controls systemic acquired resistance via hypersensitive response.
    Asada Y, Yamamoto M, Tsutsui T, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Biotechnol. 28: 9-15, 2011
  • Arabidopsis thaliana 26S Proteasome Subunits RPT2a and RPT5a Are Crucial for Zinc Deficiency-Tolerance.
    Sakamoto T, Kamiya T, Sako K, Yamaguchi J, Yamagami M, Fujiwara T
    Biosci. Biotech. Biochem. 75: 561-567, 2011
  • Sucrose transporter NtSUT4 from tobacco BY-2 involved in plant cell shape during miniprotoplast culture.
    Okubo-Kurihara E, Higaki T, Kurihara Y, Kutsuna N, Yamaguchi J, Hasezawa S
    J. Plant Res. 123: 395-403, 2011


  • Control of endoreduplication of trichome by RPT2a, a subunit of 19S proteasome in Arabidopsis.
    Sako K, Maki Y, Imai KK, Aoyama T, Goto DB, Yamaguchi J
    J Plant Res. 123: 701-706, 2010
  • How does the plant proteasome control leaf size?
    Sako K, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Signaling & Behavior 5(9):1119-20, 2010
  • In planta observation of live fluorescent plant endoparasitic nematodes during early stages of infection.
    Goto DK, Fosu-Nyarko J, Sakuma F, Sadler J, Flottman-Reid M, Uehara T, Kondo N, Yamaguchi J, Jones MGK
    Nematological Research, 40: 15-19, 2010


  • Regulation of leaf organ size by the Arabidopsis RPT2a 19S proteasome subunit.
    Sonoda Y, Sako K, Maki Y, Yamazaki N, Yamamoto H, Ikeda A, Yamaguchi J
    Plant J. 60: 68-78, 2009
  • CNI1/ATL31, a RING type ubiquitin ligase that functions in the Carbon/Nitrogen response for growth phase transition in Arabidopsis seedlings.
    Sato T, Maekawa S, Yasuda S, Sonoda Y, Katoh E, Ichikawa T, Nakazawa M, Seki M, Shinozaki K, Matsui M, Goto DB, Ikeda A, Yamaguchi J
    Plant J. 60: 852-864, 2009
  • DEAR1, a transcriptional repressor of DREB protein that mediates plant defense and freezing stress responses in Arabidopsis.
    Tsutsui T, Kato W, Asada Y, Sako K, Sato T, Sonoda Y, Kidokoro S, Yamaguchi-Shinozaki K, Tamaoki M, Arakawa K, Ichikawa T, Nakazawa M, Seki M, Shinozaki K, Matsui M, Ikeda A, Yamaguchi J
    J. Plant Res. 122: 633-643, 2009
  • Arabidopsis MBF1s control Leaf Cell Cycle and its expansion.
    Tojo T, Tsuda K, Yoshizumi T, Ikeda A, Yamaguchi J, Matsui M and Yamazaki K
    Plant Cell Physiol. 50: 254-264, 2009


  • Promoter analysis of OsAMT1;2 and OsAMT1;3 implys their distinct roles of nitrogen utilization in rice.
    Yao S-G, Sonoda Y, Tsutsui T, Nakamura H, Ichikawa H, Ikeda A, Yamaguchi J
    Breeding Sci. 58: 201-207, 2008
  • Arabidopsis CAD1 negatively controls plant immunity mediated by both salicylic acid-dependent and -independent signalling pathways.
    Tsutsui T, Asada Y, Tamaoki M, Ikeda A, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Sci.175: 604-611, 2008


  • SHA1, a novel RING-finger protein functions in shoot apical meristem maintenance in Arabidopsis.
    Sonoda Y, Yao S-G, Sako K, Takeo Sato, Wataru Kato, Ohto M, Ichikawa T. Matsui M, Yamaguchi J and Ikeda A
    Plant J. 50: 586-596, 2007
  • alpha-Amylase production is induced by sulfuric acid in rice aleurone cells.
    Mitsunaga S, Kobayashi M, Fukui S, Fukuoka K, Kawakami O, Yamaguchi J, Ohshima M, Mitsui T
    Plant Physiol. Biochem. 45: 922-925, 2007


  •  Salicylic acid and a chitin elicitor both control expression of the CAD1 gene involved in plant immunity of Arabidopsis.
    Tsutsui T, Morita-Yamamuro C, Asada Y, Minami E, Shibuya N, Ikeda A, Yamaguchi J
    Biosci. Biotech. Biochem. 70: 2042-2048, 2006
  • Differential expression of two fructokinases in Oryza sativa seedlings grown under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
    Guglielminetti L, Morita A, Yamaguchi J, Loreti E, Perata P, Alpi A
    J Plant Res. 119: 351-356, 2006


  • The Arabidopsis gene CAD1 controls programmed cell death in the plant innate immune system and encodes a protein containing a MACPF domain.
    Morita-Yamamuro C, Tsutsui T, Sato M, Yoshioka H, Tamaoki M, Ogawa D, Matsuura H, Yoshihara T, Ikeda A, Uyeda I, Yamaguchi J
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  • A transposon-induced spontaneous mutation results in low b-amylase content in rice.
    Saika H, Nakazono M, Ikea A, Yamaguchi J, Masaki S, Kanekatsu M, Nemoto K
    Plant Sci. 169: 239-244, 2005
  • Measurement of the concentration of bioactive gibberellin in germinating rice seed using the alpha-amylase induction from aleurone cells.
    Mitsunaga S, Kawakami O, Yamaguchi J, Mitsui T
    J. Appl. Glycosci., 52: 399-402, 2005


  • Low sugar status promotes endogenous ABA levels and ABA sensitivity in Arabidopsis.
    Morita-Yamamuro C, Vernieri P, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Biotechnol. 21: 9-14, 2004
  • Knock-out of the plastid ribosomal protein S21 causes impaired photosynthesis and sugar-response during germination and seedling development in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Morita-Yamamuro C, Tsutsui T, Tanaka A, Yamaguchi J
    Plant Cell Physiol. 45: 781-788, 2004
  • Ammonium uptake and assimilation in rice.
    Yamaguchi J, Sonoda Y, Iwata A, Ikeda A, Tsutsui T, Morita-Yamamuro C, S.-G. Yao, Matsuhashi S, Fujimaki S, Sakamoto K, Arakawa K, Kume T
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  • Loss-of-function mutation of rice hexokinase OsHXK1 does not affect sugar regulation of alpha-amylase RAmy3D.
    Iwata A, Ikeda A, Miyao A, Hirochika H, Yamaguchi J
    Rice Genetics Newsletter, 21: 90-92


  • Distinct expression and function of three ammonium transporter genes (OsAMT1;1-1;3) in rice.
    Sonoda Y, Ikeda, A, Saiki S, Von Wiren, N, Yamaya, T, Yamaguchi J
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  • Feedback regulation of the ammonium transporter gene family AMT1 by glutamine in rice.
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  • Constitutive expression of a novel-type ammonium transporter OsAMT2 in rice plants.
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  • Characterization of new rice functional monosaccharide transporter, OsMST5, involved in Flower development.
    Ngampanya B, Sobolewska A, Takeda T, Toyofuku K, Naragajavana J, Ikeda A, Yamaguchi J
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  • Sugar modulation of a-amylase genes under anoxia.
    Loret E, Yamaguchi J, Alpi A, Perata P
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  • Gibberellins are not required for rice germination under anoxia.
    Loreti E, Yamaguchi J, Alpi A, Perata P
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  • Negative-feedback regulation of ammonium uptake and translocation in rice under ambient and elevated CO2 conditions.
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  •  The slender rice mutant, with constitutively activated gibberellin signal transduction, has enhanced capacity for abscisic acid level.
    Ikeda A, Sonoda Y, Vernieri P, Perata P, Hirochika H, Yamaguchi J
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  • Characterization of OsSUT2 cDNA expressed before flowering stage of rice.
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  • Positoron imaging analysis of assimilation and translocation of carbon and nitrogen sources in rice plant.
    Otsuki S, Sonoda Y, Saiki S, Ikeda A, Matsuhashi S, Watanabe S, Ishioka N.S., Sekine T, Yamaguchi J
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  • Slender rice, a constitutive gibberellin response mutant, is caused by a null mutation of the SLR1 gene, an ortholog of the height-regulating gene GAI/RGA/RHT/D8.
    Ikeda A, Ueguchi-Tanaka M, Sonoda Y, Kitano H, Koshioka M, Futsuhara Y, Matsuoka M, Yamaguchi J.
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  • Transverse vein differentiation associated with the gas space formation – fate of middle cell layer in leaf sheath development of rice
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  • Isoform Characterization of Hexose Kinases in Rice Embryo
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