Recruiting lab members

Recruiting Members

The Fujita lab welcomes applicants who have a strong desire to conduct research on plants and who enjoy a challenge, including graduate and undergraduate students who wish to continue research in the future, graduate students who wish to complete as much research as possible during their time at school, and postdoctoral researchers who wish to move to the next level of research.

I also hope to receive applications from students transferring from other fields, such as animal biology, microorganismal biology, medical and pharmaceutical sciences, and engineering sciences, including those who wish to return to the world of research after working full time in different fields, and people of various ages and nationalities.

Through the cooperation and friendly competition of various individuals, I hope to open up a new, never before seen world.

By researching plants, we can better understand animals and other life forms. This is connected to understanding what you are, what we are, and where we will go. I would like you to take this chance, feel for yourself, broaden your research, expand your education and vision, and take flight.

You may have doubts. However, there is no need to worry. If you are earnest, you will be welcomed. The first step is to contact us.

About the Fujita Laboratory

About Our Laboratory

I founded this lab in July, 2005, as a place where students and postdocs can further pursue their work in a collegial environment, including daily discussions, and seminars or readings three times per week. Thus, in this lab, you can expect to broaden your experimental techniques and knowledge of plants and biological sciences.

My lab also includes exchange students and provides an environment where you can grow accustomed to speaking English and cultivate an international attitude.

We decide research topics after discussion and proceed with original research striving toward lofty goals. At the same time, we aim to teach fundamental skills (e.g. how to take experimental notes) that will improve your ability to carry out research. We look forward to applicants who understand the basic principles of plant cells and have a strong desire to use that knowledge for plant biology research.

We also proceed with research by reciprocal exchanges with Prof. Mitsuyasu Hasebe of the National Institute for Basic Biology, Department of Evolutionary Biology, in Okazaki, Aichi, and with other labs.

Those performing graduate research, graduate students and those wishing to perform post-doctoral research can contact us any time. By researching plants and learning about living things, I sincerely hope that you will take flight on your own.

Tomomichi Fujita’s lab

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