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What is biology?

Biology is an academic discipline which focuses on the multiplicity of living organisms. It covers a wide area, ranging from studies at the molecular level that aim to reveal the functions of molecules and genes – both of which are invisible to us – up to studies at the group level that investigate how individual living organisms adapt to their surrounding environment and the nature of the relationships they maintain with the environment in order to survive.

Why should we study biology?

Biology is the quest for the principles and undiscovered truth underlying the behaviour of living organisms. It is expected that the findings of biological research will help solve societal problems currently facing human beings, such as food crises, environmental destruction, and the expansion of human population. We could argue that perspectives from biology are indispensable to the development of humankind in the 21st century. Biology is of growing importance today as a fundamental component of medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, and fisheries, not only in academic terms, but also in societal terms. We strongly hope that those of you who are full of curiosity will decide to pursue biology to contribute to its further development.

Research in the Division of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences

In the Department of Biological Sciences of the Faculty of Science, we carry out basic research in biology whose scope ranges from molecules and cells, to the ontogeny of individual animals and plants and their adaptation to the environment, and to the brain, cognition, and behaviour. Our work also takes into account societal demands on biology. Studies in the Department of Natural History Sciences of the Faculty of Science deal with biological systematics and evolution. Our biological studies in the Division of Biosphere Science of the Faculty of Environmental Earth Science are conducted primarily from the perspective of environmental science, and those in the Center for Genome Dynamics from the perspective of genetics. Finally, at two of the Marine Stations of the Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere, and other facilities, we study organisms in the ocean.

Features of the Division of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Hokkaido University

What distinguishes us is that our academic staff members are involved in research in diverse subject areas in different organisations within the university, as outlined above, providing a complete coverage of biology, with great depth. We look forward to meeting the aspirants amongst you, as we strongly believe that whatever your interest in biology may be, our institution can facilitate it.

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