Graduate School of Science
Hokkaido University


Message from the Dean of the Graduate School of Science: Preventing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)【Apr. 10】

April 10, 2020

To Students in Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University

Hiroshi Amitsuka
Dean, Graduate School of Science


To prevent further spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Mr. Ko Hasegawa, Executive Director-Vice President, has announced “Notice on Activities of Daily Living” in the following link:
In response to this, the Graduate School of Science takes measures below for the time being.

1. Students who have been staying outside Hokkaido
When you return to Hokkaido from outside Hokkaido, we request you to self-isolate for at least 14 days after your re-entry to Hokkaido. During the self-isolation, please take good care of your health. Due to this measure, if you cannot make it to the classes which commence from May 11, we will not mark you absent. Please do not worry. If you remain self-isolation on or after May 11, please be sure to contact the Graduate School Educational Affairs Section ( / Phone: 011-706-3675).

Also, as shown in the following 2, most of the first semester classes in the Graduate School of Science will be conducted online. You may take the online classes in the network environment of your current accommodation.

2. Classes on or after May 11
First semester classes for fiscal year (FY) 2020 will be conducted online. Once the details are decided, you will be notified of it through Rigaku Joho System, ELMS and so on. We ask you to check the updated information regularly.

3. Visiting HU(Hokkaido University) before classes commence
Please refrain from coming to HU, other than the orientation for new students held on May 7 and research activities shown in the following 4. Since the office of the Graduate School Educational Affairs Section will be closed, please email the Graduate School Educational Affairs Section at [] when you have inquiries or necessary administrative procedures.

4. Research Activity
In principle, you are requested to do your research at home. Only when it is necessary to continue the ongoing experiments and researches in your laboratory, please obtain your supervisor’s permission and do so. When working, you have to make sure that the environment does not fall under three conditions: ① Confined spaces (with poor ventilation), ② Crowded places (with many people nearby), ③ Close contact (with people), and strive to reduce the duration of work in the laboratory.

5. Research activity and job hunting with business trip or travel
We request that you inform your supervisor, lectures in charge of each department/division/ career support of the destination and the period. When you return from outside Hokkaido, please self-isolate for at least 14 days after your re-entry to Hokkaido and refrain from coming to university including university facilities.

For students in the Graduate School of Science, to prevent further spread of the virus, we would like all of you to become conscious of taking actions for “Not to be infected” and “Not to spread”.