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International Course in Graduate School of Science

Overview of the International Course

Message from the Course Director

The International Course in Graduate School of Science offers Master’s and PhD level degrees and certificates for foreign students who want to study science at Hokkaido University. The course consists of four majors, Mathematics, Condensed Matter Physics, Cosmosciences, and Natural History Sciences. The major of Natural History Sciences is further classified into two fields: Earth Sciences and Biodiversity and Organismal Evolution. You can undertake all your educational and research activities in English, yet interact closely with Japanese students. Under the guidance of our expert staff, you will gain new knowledge, find problems to solve, and enjoy using your imagination in scientific endeavors. The course also provides you with interdisciplinary learning opportunities by linking up with the Inter-Graduate School Classes provided by Hokkaido University. I encourage all of you to take advantage of the special resources that we can offer in order to engage in high-quality research and studies for science at Hokkaido University.

Takaya Nagai
Prof. PhD
Course Director


Entrance timing

Entrance timing is April or October, depending on the personal conditions.




Scholarship information including applications is available in the following websites:


Master's Course (two years)

The graduate students in the Master’s Course must take more than 30 credits.

PhD Course (three years)

The graduate students in the PhD Course must take the Elective Subjects.(if you received any Master's degree).

Student fees

Enrollment Fee:

282,000 yen (estimated).

Tuition Fee:

267,900 yen [For the first semester. Total annual fee = 535,800 yen] (estimated).

The above tuition and fees are subject to revision at the time of or during your enrollment. In the event of a revision, the revised amounts are immediately applied.

Entrance and Tuition Fees Exemption

If you are a self-supported regular student and are unable to pay your tuition fees and have excellent grades, there is a system that can exempt all, half or a quarter of your tuition fees. Research students and auditors are not eligible to apply.


Office for International Academic Support in the faculty can answer your questions in English and support administrative matters including entrance-examination applications of the graduate school as well as the student life.
Phone +81-11-706-2916

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