Access to Laboratory

orange From the New-Chitose Airport
The Rapid Train "AIRPORT" is useful for getting to the Sapporo Station from New-Chitose Airport. It takes about 40 minutes. "AIRPORT" runs every 15 minutes.

orange From the Sapporo Station
Our Laboratory is located in the Sapporo Campus. It takes about 3 minutes from the North-Exit of the Sapporo Station to the front gate of the Sapporo Campus. About 10 more minutes may be needed to get to our Laboratory from the front gate.

When you go out from the North-Exit of the Sapporo Station, walk one block toward the west and turn right. After walking some blocks to the north direction, you will find the front gate of the Sapporo Campus on your left hand side. From the front gate, go along the street(west direction), then you will get to the "Main Street", which runs from north to south in the Sapporo Campus. There, tern right and go to the north along the "Main Street". After some walking, you will find the main building of the faculty of Science(brown old brick building) on your left. Walk past this building, then tern left at the north end of that building. You will arrive at the entrance to some tall buildings. Our laboratory is 11th and 10th floor of "the 2nd" one. Please see the right map.

orange To Contact
  • ADDRESS: Sapporo, 060-0810 Japan
  • TEL & FAX: +81-11-706-4436 (direct in)

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