2015.10.01 Mr. Abduriyim(foreign student) has joined our lab

2015.04.06 Three new members, Mr. Mizumachi (M1), Ms. Kinoshita (B4) and Mr. Saka (B4), have joined our lab

2014.04.10 Three new members, Mr. Satoh (M1), Ms. Katoh (B4) and Mr. Saitoh (B4), have joined our lab

2014.03.04 At "the Poster Presentation of the Graduation Theses sponsored by the Hokkaido University Museum" held on March 3, 2014, Ms. Akari Toyoda presented "Molecular phylogenetic status of extinct Japanese sea lions, based on ancientDNA analysis", and received "the Prize of Excellent Communication". Congratulations!

2013.08.24 Mr. Daisuke Hirata received the Nice Presentation Prize at the Annual Meeting of the Hokkaido Branch of the Zoological Society of Japan, held at Hokkaido University of Education Sapporo on August 24.

2013.07.16 Opened English website

2013.05.16 The Symposium "Animal Evolution and History revealed by Advanced Technique", sponsored by the Hokkaio Branch of the Zoological Society of Japan, will be held on May 25 (Sat) Click here for more information

2013.04.15 Opened Lab's website (Japanese)

2013.04.01 Three new members, Ms. Kino (B4), Ms. Toyoda (B4) and Mr. Shalabi (foreign student), have joined our lab