Aims and background of our research


Welcome to our Hydro-Labo!!

 We have been exploring the inland water dynamics that affects the circulation of inland water and associated matters (sediment, dissolved chemical matters, etc.) on small time scale and the land form on large time scale. Our targets are surface water such as rivers and lakes, and groundwater and glaciers that account for 29% and 70% of fresh water in volume, respectively. Fresh water is globally just only 3% of all the water including seawater, and, however, its global cycle builds up the natural environment on continents and makes human beings survive.

 In the present 21 century, we have to recognize the growing threat from the big problems we have ever faced: ”sea level rise and glacial shrinkage caused by global warming”, “large-scale sediment disaster caused by forest fire or deforest” and “water contamination and riverflow change caused by land development”, etc. All the problems affect our lives. Definitely we must lead the world not only by performing basic studies, but also by challenging the extremely difficult task of environmental problems and natural disasters.

key word:lakes, rivers, groundwater, glaciers, drainage basin, forest, environment

(Updated date: 2 March 2014)

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