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a) Associate Professor, Kazuhisa A. Chikita (Doctor of Science)
E-mail address chikita**at**mail.sci.hokudai.ac.jp

Kazuhisa A. Chikita

Major field Hydrology, Limnology, Inland water dynamics
Present researches
  • 1) Effects of wild fire and glacier melt on material fluxes of the Yukon River, Alaska
  • 2) Effects of glacier melt on discharge and sediment load in the Asia monsoon drainage basins

PD Researcher

b) PD Researcher, Yoshitaka SAKATA (Science Doctor)
E-mail address yoshitaka_sakata**at**mail.sci.hokudai.ac.jp

Yoshitaka SAKATA

Doctoral dissertation
(March 2013)
“Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling of Trending Heterogeneity Specified in Focused Recharge Zone: a Case Study of Toyohira River Alluvial Fan, Sapporo, Japan”
Major field Hydrology, Geohydrology, Groundwater hydrology
Present researches 1) Aquifer modeling of coarse alluvial deposits with trending heterogeneity
2) Interaction between surface water and groundwater using temperature as a tracer
3) Geological and climate effects on low river discharge in Hokkaido, Japan

Graduate Students

c-1. D2, MD Motaleb HOSSAIN (Bangladesh)
E-mail address motaleb313**at**yahoo.com


Present research “Sediment Loading Processes in a Multi-Faulted and Forested Catchment: Field Observations and Modelling”
c-2. M2, Yasuhiro OCHIAI
E-mail address siroiyukienchanthe**at**ec.hokudai.ac.jp

Yasuhiro OCHIAI

Present research “Geothermal Effects on the Surrounding Surface Water Regions: Noboribetsu Geothermal Site and Lake Kuttara”
c-3. M2, Takuto MIYAMOTO
E-mail address taku_risu**at**ec.hokudai.ac.jp


Present research “The Mechanism of Percolation and Discharge in a Forested Catchment”
c-4. M1, Akira MAKINO
E-mail address x0e3311**at**students.chiba-u.jp


Present research “Thermal Response of a Deep Caldera Lake to the Climate Change”
c-5. M1, Hiroyuki UEHARA
E-mail address td-elms-07**at**ec.hokudai.ac.jp

Present research “Geological effect on River Discharge in Subarctic Regions”

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