Guide to entry


You need to have completed Step 1, at least six months prior to your intended enrollment!

Please click the “General Info” to check the information on postgraduate entry ( For Master’s, Doctoral, and Research Students) “General Info”

For the scholarship information, click “Scholarship”

STEP 1 Find and Contact a Supervisor

Graduate and research students conduct research under the guidance of a supervisor. Students must find a faculty member who is willing to give them instruction on their research in advance.

1.Visit our websites and find the Application Guidelines which you wish to get enrolled. They include the List of Supervisors and Research fields; search for a faculty member from the list.

2.Contact the faculty member directly by email (HU website).

3. Apply for the graduate schools after the faculty member agrees to accept you.

Other methods to search for a supervisor:

STEP 2 Check your Eligibility

Before applying, you should check if you are eligible to apply to the relevant graduate school in advance.
Please send the following documents to the Graduate School Educational Affairs Section if you would like to confirm your eligibility. Basic Eligibility

<Master’s Course and Research Students>
・Those who have completed or are expected to complete a 16-year overseas school education course, prior to admission to the Graduate School.

<Doctoral Course>
・Those who have received or are expected to receive a Master’s or professional degree, prior to admission to the Graduate School.

Graduate School Educational Affairs Section
Science and Life Science Administration Department

STEP 3 Apply to the graduate school

Application will be accepted through online for students who cannot come to Japan to take the entrance examination. Generally, applicants will be assessed based on their submitted application documents.

Note: The above websites are available during the application period only.

STEP 4 Take the entrance examination

Screening procedures for graduate level students differ between each department; please ask your prospective supervisor.

STEP 5 Apply for Hokkaido International Housing

While you are waiting for the application results, you can apply for the HU International Housing in advance.

Application period: end of January / end of July

Student Dormitories (HU website)

STEP 6 Receive application results

Graduate School of Science

  • Master’s & Doctoral Course: Around February / July

Graduate School of Life Science

  • Master’s Course: November / August
  • Doctoral Course: January / August

STEP 7 Apply for a college status visa

To apply for a visa, a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) will be required.
Hokkaido University will act as proxy for your application for the COE.
Once issued, it will be sent to your address. After receiving the certificate, please submit it with the application form and other documents to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country.
Please inquire at the Japanese embassy concerning other necessary documents.

STEP 8 Apply for Japanese Language Course (Optional)

The International Student Center (ISC) offers free Japanese language courses for international students.
Please apply through the website below, if you are interested in studying Japanese language.

The application periods
: middle of March / middle of September
Japanese Language Courses (HU Website)

STEP 9 Prepare for Departure

  • Passport
  • Airline ticket(Note: Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship students are not required to purchase the airline ticket as they will be supplied it from MEXT.)
  • Certificate of Eligibility and visa
  • Cash

Even if you can receive a scholarship, it may take significant time to receive your first stipend. You will need to prepare to some cash to be able to live for a while.

Newly Admitted Students (HU Website)

STEP 10 Arrive in Sapporo

If you apply for the support system, you can get support by supporters from the first day you arrive in Sapporo.

Supporter System (HU Website)

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