Research Laboratory

There are four research laboratories; Seismological Observation, Ocean Bottom Seismology and Tsunami, Volcano Physics, and Subsurface Structure.

Seismological Observation (website)

We conduct seismic, geodetic, and tsunami observations by installing seismometers, GPS, strainmeters, tiltmeters, and tide gauges. We investigate the physical mechanisms of earthquake occurrence around the Hokkaido area as well as all over the world by analyzing the observed seismic, geodetic, and tsunami data.

TAKAHASHI Hiroaki Professor / Dr.Sci.
Discipline: Observational seismology and volcanology, Crustal deformation
1. Earthquake and volcanic eruption prediction
2. Development of earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption early warning system
3. Plate motion and seismo-tectonics in northeastern Asia
KATSUMATA Kei Associate Professor / Dr.Sci.
Discipline: Seismology for earthquake prediction
1. Earthquake prediction based on seismology
2. Seismic tomography and velocity structures
3. Crustal stress field and active fault earthquakes
OHZONO Mako Associate Professor / Dr.Sci.
Discipline: Geodesy, Seismological, and volcanological crustal deformation
1. Estimation of postseismic deformation and rheological structure

2. Earthquake cycle modeling based on crustal deformation
3. Crustal deformation around inland active faults

Ocean Bottom Seismology and Tsunami (website)

We investigate earthquake occurrence beneath the sea floor and the structure of the oceanic lithosphere. We carry out structural exploration and seismic observation by use of the ocean bottom seismographs, which were developed at Hokkaido University, and tsunami investigation around Japan and Kurile trenches in collaboration with universities and research institutes. Moreover, various geophysical studies have been conducted since 1987 in the Atlantic area mainly in Mid-Atlantic Ridges.

TANIOKA Yuichiro Professor / Ph.D.
Discipline: Seismology for great earthquakes and tsunamis

1. Source processes of great earthquakes
2. Generation and propagation of tsunamis
3. Pre-historical earthquakes and tsunamis
NISHIMURA Yuichi Associate Professor / Dr.Sci.
Discipline: Paleo-seismology, Tsunami science, Disaster mitigation

1. Understanding of source mechanism of subduction earthquakes using paleo-seismological data
2. Field sciences for recent earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions in the world
3. Supporting of the local community for future disaster mitigation against earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption
MURAI Yoshio Associate Professor / Dr.Sci.
Discipline: Ocean bottom seismology and Tsunami, elastic wave propagation theory

1. Subsurface structure and seismicity at subduction zones
2. Theoretical study on elastic wave propagation in a fault zone
3. Tectonics of Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
YAMANAKA Yusuke Lecturer / Dr.Eng.
Discipline: Tsunami Dynamics, Coastal Engineering, Seismology

1. Estimation of tsunami propagation and inundation
2. Coastal hazards and disaster prevention
3. Source process of great earthquakes

Volcano Physics

Our scientific goal is the understanding of mechanisms of a wide variety of geodynamic activities of volcanic nature depending on multidisciplinary observation data. Substantial efforts are devoted to contributing to the development of eruption prediction techniques based on the modeling of acquired observational data. We carry out observations around volcanoes in and outside Hokkaido using seismic, geodetic, geomagnetic, and other observational tools frequently cooperating with other research groups. We also develop new observational and modeling techniques to promote innovative geoscience research for the next generation.

AOYAMA Hiroshi Professor / Dr.Sci.
Discipline: Volcano physics, Seismology

1. Source process of volcanic earthquakes
2. Dynamics of volcanic eruption
3. Improvements in monitoring techniques for volcano activities
TANAKA Ryo Assistant Professor / Dr.Sci.
Discipline: Volcano physics
1. Modeling of the volcanic hydrothermal systems
2. Thermal monitoring of the volcano
3. Transition in the style of volcanic activity 

Subsurface Structure

We investigate subsurface structures of seismogenic zones or volcanic regions using various geophysical methods such as geoelectromagnetic or gravity anomaly analysis.
We also carry out research on electromagnetic phenomena associated with seismic and volcanic activity by monitoring specific signals or temporal changes in structures.

HASHIMOTO Takeshi Professor / Dr.Sci.
Discipline Volcano Physics, Geomagnetism, and Geoelectricity
1. Volcanological application of electromagnetism
2. Spectroscopy of Volcanic plume
3. Hear and material transport at Volcanoes