"Modern" Geophysical Geodesy

The advent of global positioning system, satellite radar interferometry and precision gravity measurement technique has been undoubtedly revolutionalizing geodesy. More than 15 years ago, Lambeck (1988) coined a term, "Geophysical Geodesy", in the title of his seminal textbook, and described how geodetic tools had uniquely revealed a variety of phenomenon in the Earth. Following the same line of philosophy, my research interests are to reveal what's going on within the Earth system by employing mainly (but not limited to) geodetic techniques and to better understand them as geophysical phenomena by devising quantitative (but as simple as possible) models. By "modern" geophysical geodesy, I mean we are now equipped with InSAR and other newer techniques that were not extensively described in the Lambeck's text.
Keywords: InSAR (interferometric SAR), geodesy, volcano, earthquake, wobble, glacier