Welcome Message

MOSS2010, the annual international conference for experimental moss research, will be held from 21-24 July 2010, in Sapporo and its vicinity, Lake Shikotsu Resort, Hokkaido, Japan.

The meeting covers topics on all areas of experimental bryology, from the genome to whole organism, genetics, physiology and to evolution (see MOSS2009 for the last meeting). All people who are interested in moss biology, bryophyte biology, and plant biology are very welcome to attend.

We will have several sessions with talks and posters as usual, and plenty of time for informal discussion as well. A special symposium for plant biology with Physcomitrella patens will be organized on a campus of Hokkaido University during the meeting, and people who attend only the symposium are very welcome, too.

Hokkaido University is located in a center of Sapporo, and one of the most beautiful campuses in Japan. We have many visitors on campus through a whole year, though summer is the best to visit. Hokkaido is also famous for local sea foods, beer (Sapporo beer), beautiful scenery, and culture of the Ainu, the aboriginal Japanese, and so on. You may touch some of such culture and nature during your stay.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hokkaido at MOSS2010.

Organizing Committee

Tomomichi FUJITA
(Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo)


Mitsuyasu HASEBE
(NIBB, Okazaki)

(Hokkaido Univ., Hakodate)

(Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture, Tokyo)

(Nagoya Univ., Nagoya)

(Saitama Univ., Saitama)