Research subject

The aim of our study is to understand the life through genetics and molecular biology. We analyze plants that elaborate variety of strategies to survive under various environmental stress. We focus on the functions of non-coding RNAs and epigenetic modifications.

We always welcome students with high motivation.

Key words: plants, epigenetics, non-coding RNA, transposon, environmental stress



To the List

Our research has been selected for the 2023 Robust Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Engineering Research Program!


One master's students and one fourth-year undergraduate students joined as new members.


Our research was selected by the G-7 Scholarship Foundation for a research and development grant project in 2023!


Participated in SSDay II at Ritsumeikan Keisho High School as an advisor (lecturer) for SSH projects.


Presented at IPSR's joint research results meeting.


Our project has been selected as the program “Exploration France 2023”.


Participated in SSDay III at Ritsumeikan Keisho High School as an advisor (lecturer) for SSH projects.


Two fourth-year students presented their graduation research at a poster presentation.


Photo Gallery

2021, Degree conferral ceremony


  • Visited Prince of Songkla University in Thailand as part of the Overseas Learning Satellite Program.

  • Three master's students in the class of 2021 graduated today. Congratulations on their graduation.
  • The Master's Degree Conferral Ceremony for 2021 Fall Entrance was held. Congratulations to all the graduates!