Research subject

The aim of our study is to understand the life through genetics and molecular biology. We analyze plants that elaborate variety of strategies to survive under various environmental stress. We focus on the functions of non-coding RNAs and epigenetic modifications.

We always welcome students with high motivation.

Key words: plants, epigenetics, non-coding RNA, transposon, environmental stress


To the List
Presented at a symposium at the 84th Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of Japan. (2020/09/19) 
Published a paper on GGS”. (2020/09/05) 
Published a paper on GGS”. (2020/08/03) 
Three master's students presented at the master's thesis presentation. (2020/03/02) 
Poster presentation at graduate study (2020/01/31) 
Result presentation of cooperative research at Arid Land Research Center, Tottori University. (2019/12/07) 
I attended the opening ceremony of Hokkaido University Satellite Office at Vietnam National University Hanoi.
Visiting at the University of Wisconsin WID as Young teacher overseas dispatch support project encouraged by the President of Hokkaido University  (2019/10/15) 

Photo Gallery

2019 Year-end party


  • Lab tour in Rankoshi.
  • Laboratory joint BBQ party was held on 6/29.
  • Graduation ceremony