We aim to understand how plants control their growth and differentiation.

Plants exist in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes and act as primary producers to support a multitude of life forms, including us humans. Our understanding of plants, however, remains far from complete. How are plants born and how do they take shape? How do they respond to environmental changes? Unlike animals, plants lack the ability to move on their own and have therefore evolved unique responses and developmental mechanisms. We want to understand these unique aspects of plant biology from the molecular level to the individual level and to find a way to help plants and humans to coexist.

Recruiting lab members

Fujita Laboratory and Naramoto Laboratory will accept undergraduate and graduate students individually while using a common research platform. These two laboratories will work with each other to educate students. We look for people who are excited about research and enjoy a challenge. We welcome applicants from a variety of backgrounds, including graduate students, undergraduate students, post-doctoral researchers, transfer students, working adults, and foreign residents. For more information, please visit our recruitment page.